Christian Bogner, MD, CFMNP, FACOG

Founder – Bogner Health, LLC

Functional Medicine Education & Counseling

Michigan, USA


Dr. Christian Bogner is a lecturer, educator and experienced practicing clinician. His services specialize in online education for his patients. He is a Functional Medicine certified physician with additional board certification in OBGYN. He has obtained his certification in Plant-Based-Nutrition from Cornell University.

Dr. Bogner is a clinical consultant for MaxGen Labs, LLC, a nutrigenomics lab analyzing genetic data, utilized by over 800 practitioners around the world. He has lectured throughout the United States and abroad regarding integrative approaches to disease with a focus on genetics, neurotransmitters and toxicities.

My Passion For Functional Medicine

The principles of functional medicine sparked my interest to further explore the complex chemistry that connects our organ systems. Our DNA, which spans twice the diameter of the solar system, comprises an intelligent genetic code, which is responsible for coordinating homeostasis in our roughly 30 trillion cells.


The study of epigenetics has taught us that the environment does not change our DNA, but rather modulates its tone. Hence, understanding a cell’s supply-demand relationship is one of the keys to unlocking our true genetic potential. I strive in providing the fuel your body needs to code for a healthier physical and mental state.

All of us have genes that work slower, and yet we can live a normal life as unique human beings. However, when these weaker genes in addition get stressed by lacking the appropriate signaling molecules (deficiency), and/or are exposed to inhibiting chemicals (toxicity), they often fail to keep up with the demand. The result is an imbalance (inflammation), which ultimately can manifest itself with physical and mental symptoms, e.g. stress. The implications are vast.

Meditation By Water

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I have studied key genetic codes responsible for detoxification, inflammation, methylation, cell repair, and the coordination of neurotransmitter metabolism. I test and correlate genetic variations to my patients’ symptoms and may recommend obtaining additional insight by utilizing other tests.

This allows for a very targeted approach to each individual, as key roadblocks are addressed with the appropriate action to modulate a particular genetic environment. The problem is addressed at its root.

Root Cause Medicine


We offer laboratory test interpretation education for individuals with complex medical conditions like auto-immune diseases, mental health disorders, and others.

We have chosen a path to find solutions for chemical imbalances by studying toxic environmental influences on various cellular, biochemical, and genetic systems. Toxicities lead to deficiencies and deficiencies lead to toxicities. Sooner or later, this results in stress on our bodies, our minds and the entire system.

At Bogner Health, we focus on our patients’ desires and hence spend time listening, expanding our understanding of the individual affected before correlating symptoms with laboratory findings. Let us be part of your journey to discover your true genetic potential by creating a roadmap on how to get you there, one step at a time.

More About Dr. Bogner



  • Plant Medicine / Nutrition
  • Physical & Mental Health Optimization
  • Weight loss / Anti-Aging / Detoxification
  • Toxicity & Inflammation
  • Anxiety / Depression / Schizophrenia / Dementia / Autism
  • Adrenochrome / DiMethylTryptamine (DMT)
  • Mycotoxins (e.g. DON, OTA, Afla, FUM, ZEN)
  • Immune system
  • Genetic SNP analysis & signaling
  • Neurotransmitter metabolism
  • Endocannabinoids – Terpenes
  • Microbiome Gut Balancing


ref: State of Michigan Medical License


  • English
  • German (fluent)

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