True North Connect, LLC

I-ASC Certification (International Association for Spelling to Communicate)
Certified Spelling-To-Communicate (S2C) Practitioner

Patti, a determined mother and an elementary educator with over 25 years of experience, is on a mission to empower nonspeaking/minimally speaking individuals by providing access to communication. Inspired by her son Sean’s transformation with spelling to communicate, she promised herself in the beginning that if this method worked for him, she would become a certified practitioner and share it with others -– which she did! She and her husband, Kelly recently opened their clinic, True North Connect. 

True North Connect is a relationship-first clinic that focuses on purposeful motor through spelling to communicate and adaptive exercise.  With a vision to establish a vibrant spelling community in Michigan, Patti is driven by the belief that every non-speaker deserves the chance for meaningful communication, connection, and purpose. Through True North Connect, she aims to provide individuals like Sean with the tools to communicate, a supportive network of peers, and a sense of belonging. For Patti, this endeavor is more than just a profession—it’s a heartfelt commitment to making a difference in the lives of nonspeaking individuals and their families.

About Spelling to Communicate (S2C):

S2C teaches individuals with motor difficulties to coordinate their brain and body to communicate by spelling. 

Step 1: Initial Intake Information Parent-Client Phone/Zoom Call: Background information, questions, and reservation of session days/times: 30-45 minutes (Free of Charge)

Step 2: Initial Assessment & Parent/Guardian Follow-Up & Educational Zoom Call The fee is (please contact Patti) per direct service S2C assessment session with a follow-up call.

Step 3: In-Person Direct Service Session (Package Sessions Available for a Discounted Rate) (please contact Patti) per direct service S2C session with the client; including coaching of the parent, and/or communication regulation partner when appropriate. Emailed transcription of the session with clinical feedback. 

*Virtual Option Available through The Connect Centers*


Adaptive Exercise Options: Single Sessions & Packages Available 

  • Direct service S2C session with adaptive exercise add-on. 
  • Thirty-minute adaptive exercise session. 


Please contact Patti directly to discuss the best options for your family.