Concetta Intorre

Incredible Minds, LLC

I-ASC Certification (International association for Spelling to Communicate)
Certified Spelling-To-Communicate (S2C) Practitioner

Concetta Intorre is a certified Spelling to Communicate (S2C) practitioner serving the Metro Detroit area. Her mission is to equip non-speaking, minimally speaking, and unreliable speaking individuals with the motor skills necessary to communicate effectively using a letter board.

As a mother of three wonderful children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum and communicates primarily through a letterboard, I understand firsthand the transformative power of spelling. As a focal point I use the term “non-speaking” instead of “non-verbal” because we recognize that these individuals have words within them, even if they cannot be spoken aloud.

Concetta has witnessed the profound impact that spelling can have on her own son and how it transforms an entire family.

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Incredible Minds is currently taking reservations to facilitate the Spelling to Communicate program with individuals. Please note that when you book the initial consultation, it will let you choose between video and phone. All encounters with Concetta will be in-person and not via phone or video. Just click video to let you proceed. Services are available at a facility in Pleasant Ridge in Oakland County (address will be sent to you). Weekly sessions are found to be ideal, and she can accommodate more intensive schedules for your needs. Incredible Minds also offers parent training, so you can use this system as often as you are able to reinforce communication with your child or family member.

My goal is to extend this life-changing experience to others by empowering as many non-speakers as possible to express themselves through their words.


Initial 60 minute parent consultation: $150
Spelling session 60 minutes: $90

Initial 60 minute consultation

Meeting with Concetta in-person to discuss the S2C program provides a comprehensive overview of the services offered, tailored specifically to the needs of your child or loved one.

The outline for this 60-minute consultation includes:

Introduction to Spelling to Communicate: An overview of the S2C methodology, its foundational principles, and how it differs from other communication methods.

Program Services: Detailed information on the structure of the S2C program, including assessment processes, individualized lesson plans, and the progression of skills from pointing to spelling.

Spelling session 60 minutes

Book a 60-minute session for spelling to communicate with Concetta, offering one-on-one interaction for your child. This personalized session involves spelling on communication boards. Parents are welcome to observe as Concetta guides the process, fostering direct communication between your child and herself. Gain insight into your child’s abilities and potential through this transformative experience. Witness firsthand the profound communication breakthroughs as Concetta guides your child in expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas.