We can understand you may have some questions about our services. Below you can find frequently asked questions we are asked along with the answers. If your questions aren’t answered below and you need more information, please contact us

Bogner Health Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dr. Bogner be my primary care physician?

No, and there are reasons why.

Bogner Health LLC offers an educational interpretation of laboratory results and as such, any recommendations should be discussed with the patient’s primary care physician.

Dr. Bogner is willing to collaborate with the primary care physician, if so warranted and agreed upon, free of charge. It is the patient’s or caregiver’s responsibility to keep the primary care doctor up to date with all of the current medications and supplements so that they can make the best-informed recommendations for the care. Hence, Dr. Bogner does not provide primary health care or after-hour coverage for emergencies.

Why do you not work with insurance companies?

There are various definitions of “Evidence-Based Medicine”. Oftentimes they are too constrictive for patients’ personal health pursuits and their wish to broaden the therapeutic and diagnostic options for themselves and/or their child. The U.S Food and Drug Administration has not fully evaluated or approved nutritional, herbal, and/or homeopathic supplements, compounded IV’s/injections, bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, and supplements; despite these remedies being widely used in Europe and the U.S for years, insurance companies, in general, are not in agreement with this approach as a covered event at this time.

Can I use my HSA or FSA funds?

Yes. But? As it can be tempting to withdraw funds from your HSA for purposes other than qualified expenses, if you take this route, be prepared for a large tax bill if it will not be a covered service.  All funds withdrawn for non-qualifying expenses before the age of 65 are subject to taxes, plus a 20% tax penalty. You can use your HSA or FSA funds to reimburse yourself for eligible health care, dental, and dependent care expenses. But it’s important to know which expenses can be reimbursed. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can be great cost-savings tools nevertheless. DrBognerHealth offers various testing options as well as educational consultations, hence as we do accept HSA and FSA funding, remember it is your responsibility to make sure it will be reimbursed, as plans vary. It’s also important to keep a record of the expenses you pay with your HSA, HRA, or FSA in case your carrier asks you to prove that an expense was eligible for reimbursement from your account, or in case you are audited by the IRS.  Examples of records you should keep include: receipts, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), medical diagnosis/physician diagnosis letters, and prescriptions. 

I already have lots of lab tests done in the past, do I need to do the tests recommended?

Before the consultation, all labs tests will be reviewed by Dr. Bogner and integrated into the discussion as part of the consultation package. If there are lab tests already done that would cover enough information, no further labs would be necessary.

What is the current turnover time for the labs?

RealTime Labs (mold/mycotoxins) testing: 7-10 business days
Doctor’s Data Neurotransmitter testing: approx. 2 weeks
ZRT Laboratories: approx. 2 weeks
Genetic Testing by MaxGen Labs: approx. 4 weeks
Other testing times upon request

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Please email magda Yaklin, RN myaklin@drbognerhealth.com or fill out the contact form here.