Maggie Yaklin RN

Magda Yaklin, rn, BSN, CFMNP

Bogner Health, LLC

Maggie Yaklin is a Registered Nurse (RN) and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Eastern Michigan University. Maggie also holds credentials from the American Academy of Functional Health as a Certified Functional Medicine Provider (CFMNP). As a part of the Bogner Health team, Maggie is dedicated to providing quality individualized care by assisting with each step of a patient’s powerful journey back to health and healing.

 Maggie provides a wide variety of functional medicine services:

  • Parent Counseling and Stress Management
  • Evidence-Based use of natural remedies 
  • Safe & effective use of adaptogens 
  • Dietary Modification Techniques
  • Nutrition (concentration on nutrient-dense and seasonal foods)
  • Holistic Oral Health
  • Safe & effective essential oils used
  • Seasonal Immunity Boosters
  • Safe detoxification processes and supportive measures
  • Toxicity Education 
  • Translator Services: Polish

When passion meets purpose.

As a mom of two with a background in integrative medicine, I had to take the health of my family into my own hands when my daughter experienced a whole host of unexplained health issues that traditional approaches could not solve. I understand what it means to be a parent willing to do anything to help heal your child, while at the same time having to optimize your own health. I convey this empowerment that comes from realizing how health changes can become a reality for the entire family.

Let us partner together on this journey back to health and healing.