The Process. EZPZ!


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To schedule an initial consultation, please visit this link and choose your desired type of consultation.

You can choose between a video or phone consultation. Please check the appropriate box.

Select Your desired date and time.

Enter Your information.

You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.




Upload documents or labs (if available) in your GetHealthie account.

Select “Documents” from the dashboard once logged in.

Click “Add Document“, select the Document, then click “Upload

    Full instructions here.





    Magda Yaklin, RN, is the BognerHealth Liaison for our patients. Magda will answer any question you may have and coordinate Your care.

    Please schedule a 15 minute introduction meeting with her at Your convenience. It is included in the package.

    Magda’s email is





    This is when you meet Dr. Bogner either via ZOOM or phone (your choice).

    For your convenience, the ZOOM consultation will be recorded (if you desire), so it can be accessible to you at a later time.

    The link to access the audio and video versions of the meeting will be provided per email after the consultation.

    Dr. Bogner often uses visual graphics to discuss various concepts, explain mechanisms as well as labs.




    After the initial consult has been completed, you will receive a summary email within 24-48h.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email Magda Yaklin, RN at

    This includes any coordination of lab tests that you may have decided to purchase.