Mechanisms of disease

Part 1: Overview

The Difference is in the Details

The below model can not only be applied to autism, but likely many auto-immune or chronic diseases. If the GI system is inflamed (there are books written about what can inflame your gut mucosa), toxins and protein start to overwhelm the liver and enter your blood. Mast cells send out flares, attracting the immune system with cytokines, providing toxins the ability to have brain access. This can lead to neurotransmitter oxidation. The implications are vast.

I plan to dissect and dive into many of these individual steps, present research evidence and discuss these with you in various blog articles.



Webinar 11/11/21


Upcoming Discussions/articles:
      • Mold, mycotoxins and the influence on health
      • Gut and liver health
      • Mast cell stabilization
      • Neurotransmitter imbalances
      • Genetic clues via SNP analysis
      • Adrenochrome / Adrenaline / Bufotenin and other psychoactive compounds
      • Limbic system imbalance, Amygdala Hijack